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    Rev Ranks: ‘The Politician’ season 2 comes with more love triangles, more craziness and even more Energy

    Ryan Murphy highlights relevant political and societal issues from the humorous and highly anticipated second season of his Netflix series”The Politician.”

    With Payton Hobart running for Senate in New York against it time Senator Dede Standish, played by Judith Light the storyline jumps to the end of the season.

    Payton finds out of his former nemesis Astrid. This information could ruin her career, also Payton struggles to consider whether to use it to win the race.

    Payton is finally out on his own sober and trying to determine which sort of man and politician he is. He had the help of River, played with David Corenswet – or that which he imagined to become River – and this season we get a little River back to assist Payton to continue on his journey to self-discovery.

    We see Payton see how politics has continued to impact him and acknowledge his inner self this season. He realizes who he has become and must decide whether he is ready to reside with that person.

    If that was not enough to deal with, Payton is not the sole Hobart in politics. Payton’s mother Georgina Hobart, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, is running for governor in California and causing all kinds.

    Infinity, played by Zoey Deutch, found a passion for helping the environment and over time decreased her private waste as far as you can. Payton uses Infinity’s newfound fame by her books about her Munchausen and this by proxy expertise, as the central point of his effort.

    “The Politician” does not shy away from talking about major issues and this season was no different. The deceitfulness of generational political conclusion politics appropriation and more are discussed in an interesting and comedic storyline.

    From the voter’s perspective, one of my favorite episodes is like last season. This incident shows how we are being hurt by the split between the older and younger generations when it comes to politics and how that divide.

    The show does an excellent job with Payton becoming.

    This season we got more craziness, love triangles, and yes, somehow much more drama, but. I expect shows such as this help inspire our generation to be and to become involved.

    You don’t have to run for standing up for what you believe in, senator to make a real difference, and working toward making it happen if Payton can do it, and is the lesson and target, so do you.


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