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Tata Cars will Now be Costlier After Mahindra Car, Know Everything About a New Price Increase !!!

For the last 2 years, the problems of the auto sector are not taking their name. While the year 2020 was completely engulfed by the coronavirus, there was some relief till the end of the year, but since the beginning of April, due to the rise of coronavirus, the condition of the automobile sector in the country has started deteriorating once again as a result. Even without wanting to, the price of their vehicles has to be increased. Let us tell you that the car manufacturer Tata Motors has decided that they are going to increase the price of their vehicles from May 8, after which customers will have to pay more than before to buy the company’s vehicle.

According to the information, the company can increase the price of its vehicles by 1.8 percent. This information has come to light from Tata Motors when many companies have increased or are going to increase the price of their vehicles. This is the second time that the price of cars is going to go up this year. Earlier, due to an increase in service cost at the beginning of the year, car makers had increased the price of vehicles, which has directly affected the pocket of customers.

Let us know that the increase in price that Tata Motors is going to apply will apply to all the passenger vehicles of the company. The price increase will depend on what the vehicle is and it’s variant. Price increases may vary depending on the model. Those who have booked vehicles before May 7 will not have to face the price hike and they can buy the vehicle at the price at which they had booked the vehicle.

If we talk about Tata Motors portfolio then it includes many cars including Tata Safari which has been recently launched, Tata Ultros, Tiago, Tigor, and Harrier SUV including Nexon SUV.


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Anoj Kumar
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