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    Tesla Update 2024.26 Released with Parental Controls, YT Music & More

    The latest software update (version 2024.26) released by Tesla comes with many new exciting features that car owners have been waiting for. From added features like parental controls to new music streaming services – this update has it all.

    In this blog post we will take a deep dive into all the important aspects of this software update. We will cover details around new music options, scheduling charging, parental controls and more.

    Tesla Software Update 2024.26 Features

    By the end of the post you will have comprehensive understanding of what this latest Tesla software update offers. So continue reading to learn about all the key highlights of Tesla’s 2024.26 update.

    Discover Over 100 Million Songs and Podcasts with YouTube Music Premium

    The 2024.26 software update brings two new music streaming services for Tesla owners – YouTube Music and Amazon Music. Both options will allow accessing over 100 million songs on the go.

    YouTube Music comes with additional perks like being able to listen to audio from videos without having to watch. It offers personalized recommendations based on listening history as well.

    Subscribers also get ad-free listening experience on the YouTube platform. However, to use the new music services an active WiFi connection or Premium Connectivity subscription will be required.

    YouTube Music is ideal for those who want a wide selection of songs as well as podcasts in one place without any limits.

    Enjoy Prime Member Benefits and Unlimited Access with Amazon Music

    Amazon Music comes as another great music streaming option with the new Tesla software update. Prime members can enjoy over 100 million songs completely ad-free along with endless artist radio and automatically curated playlists.

    Tesla Software Update 2024.26

    For a small monthly fee, the Amazon Music Unlimited service unlocks the full on-demand catalog without any limitations. Car users can simply sign-in to their existing Amazon account using the vehicle’s display to start listening immediately.

    Both WiFi or LTE connectivity is supported. The integration of Amazon Music provides Tesla drivers with one more highly convenient music source along with their other audio entertainment choices.

    Enable Parental Controls to Set Speed Limits, Acceleration, and Night Curfew

    One of the most useful additions in the 2024.26 update is the new detailed parental control function. This allows owners to set parameters so younger or new drivers can operate the car safely.

    Features like maximum speed limit, chill mode acceleration restrictions and advanced driver assistance systems can all be mandated selectively. Additionally, a night time curfew can be defined which will subsequently send notifications to the smartphone of the vehicle owner.

    Users simply need to provide a PIN to access the parental control settings panel from either the car’s display or mobile app. Having the ability to pre-configure limitations remotely ensures teen drivers remain within allowed bounds of performance and schedule while solo in the car.

    Overall, this provides much needed peace of mind functionality for families.

    View Local Weather Conditions, Air Quality Index, and Detailed Forecast

    Another useful addition to the 2024.26 software update is the integration of local weather and pollution level information. The current temperature reading on the vehicle’s toolbar now comes with weather icons indicating rain, clouds or sunshine.

    For a better overview, tapping this temperature takes you to a detailed forecast screen. Here you can see expectations for the next few days with high and low temperatures, precipitation percentage and more.

    The air quality is also prominently displayed through an AQI number for passengers’ convenience. This new weather feature provides easy access to important real-time environmental updates.

    Schedule Charging and Preconditioning with Enhanced Customization Options

    One of the highly requested updates was improved scheduling capabilities for charging and preconditioning the vehicle. With this release, these functions now come with more flexibility and control.

    Tesla Update 2024.26

    Owners can program routines not just from their mobile but also inside the car. Features like selecting specific location profiles, one-time or recurring days and timings can all be configured easily.

    Additionally, control over charging start/end timings is brought to allow usage of off-peak electrical rates for cost savings. Combined, these enhanced customization options offer a much more customized experience over what was previously available for customers.

    Navigate to Sub-Destinations for Precise Routing to Specific Locations

    The updated navigation abilities now offer even more precise routing with the new sub-destination feature. Particularly useful for large venues, this allows selecting a particular final end point like a particular terminal in an airport.

    Previously, navigation would have ended at the main airport location. Now specific stops can be added for more accurate turn-by-turn guidance right up to the actual spot.

    The option is available when initially inputting a destination on the car’s display or phone app. This makes route planning effortless whether going to complex areas like hospitals, college campuses or transport hubs.

    Explore New Gaming Features, Climate Control Enhancements, and Zoom Integration

    Along with the major new functionalities, some welcome minor improvements have also been made. Favorite mobile games in the entertainment section now come with new characters, levels and rewards to unlock for extended play time enjoyment.

    Meanwhile the climate panel received a complete overhaul for simpler and faster access to all settings. Auto fan speed also quietly adjusts based on call noise in background.

    Video conferencing has been optimized too – Zoom launches fullscreen automatically when parked and allows signing in via QR code. Combined, these tweaks enhance every aspect of the in-car experience.

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