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The 100 Season 8: Renewal Status, Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Updates!

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There’s been dwindling hope the 100 will be renewed for the eighth season. The display will not be back unless a spin-off, prequel or a reboot is created and is over.

The 100 is a science fiction movie that premiered on The CW in March 2014. Throughout its seven seasons,” has performed well and The 100 has yet to fail.

Jason Rothenberg develops the dystopian play and relies on the publication show,’The 100′ by Kass Morgan.
We’re unsure as to when does, and the season is airing it finish. However, this is going to be the previous season. Also, Rothenberg has mentioned they don’t want to overstay their welcome. This isn’t the end.

The 100 Season 8: Renewal Status

The season, which is finished The 100, the play, and will be the previous season. Rothenberg talked about the end of this series in an interview with Entertainment Weekly,’ It will be our version of a happy period.’ We will need to wait to see the season seven endings. However, it’s verified that Season eight will not occur.

The information does not end here. A prequel was ordered to keep the series going. Yes, you’ve heard it correctly! The series will be put 97 years before The 100 and has been verified. Rothenberg will head the series, and its pilot will broadcast with seven. How

The 100 Season 8: prequel Release updates!

This prequel’s pilot episode depends on the responses and will broadcast in season seven if the series moves and is verified. Thus, there is a release date far away. Stick to a nuclear apocalypse that wiped out on Earth, and the prequel is likely to be put 97 years ahead of the series.

The plot of this series will accompany’a group of survivors as they learn how to deal in a universe while fighting to make an improved and new society.’ Chatting concerning the pilot’s to Collider, Rothenberg said,’It answers a lot of questions which are necessary fills in some blanks and explained this season also’.

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