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    The Exciting Most Popular Design of Tesla Cybertruck launch

    Elon Musk aims at the design, power, and durability of mainstream trucks.

    We know that Tesla’s futuristic cyber track turns out to be a setback with the shattered armor glass. It also disappoints Wall Street on Friday, driving the automaker’s shares down by 6 percent.

    Elon musk has In the much-anticipated unveiling to cheering fans late on Thursday, Tesla boss Elon Musk had aimed at the design, power, and durability of mainstream trucks to make out the best from these results.

    In a series of tests with this new cyber track, for the crowd at the event in Los Angeles Musk, exclaimed “Oh my fucking God, well, maybe that was a little too hard,” after his head of design, Franz von Holzhausen, who cracked the driver’s side window with a metal ball.

    Musk permits the von Holzhausen another throw to the rear passenger window, only to see that crack as well. Musk finally concludes that “It didn’t go through, so that’s a plus side, which further needs improvement.”

    Musk makes an interesting comparison with the Ford (F.N) F-150, the top-selling vehicle in the United States, to highlight the capabilities of the Cybertruck, showing an edited video of the two trucks creating a “tug-of-war” in which the Tesla truck wins.

    However, this new arrival of the Tesla received a mixed review from the Wall Street analysts. Some Wall Street analysts praised the launch on Friday, but others questioned the futuristic design’s mass appeal.

    This decreased the tesla shares by 6% at $333.41 while the Shares of Ford and General Motors rose about 2%.

    GM Chief Executive Mary Barra told investors on Thursday that the General Motors’ first electric pickup will go on sale in 2021, competing for the Tesla’s at the same time.

    Musk has received mixed reviews from analysts stating that it could not be a success in the present world.

    The Cowen analysts state that “Musk has been enthusiastic about his Blade Runner-inspired design for months, but we were still surprised how futuristic he went with this one and believed it might shatter his dreams.”

    They also add that “While we are pleased to see Tesla enter the most profitable segment of the North American passenger car market, we do not see this vehicle in its current form being a success.”

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