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The Orville Season 3 Air Date, Plot And All The Latest Update

The show that takes its inspiration from the Star Trek and the starship named USS Orville, The Orville is getting back for a third season. Seth MacFarlane, who is the creator as well as one of the cast members of the show announced of its arrival. It will get onto the streaming service this year itself. Read below to find out the actual release date, cast, and plot.

The Orville season 3 Air Date

Ever since the creator announced of the show’s arrival, the fans are really desperate to know the release date. However, no official announcement regarding the release date has been made yet. But, as per the present information, most probably it will land by the end of this year. It would have released by now but like every other upcoming series, the coronavirus pandemic has lead to the delay in the release of this one too.

Who All Does The Cast List of Orville Season 3 Include?

The previous season’s cast will be reprising their particular roles in the upcoming one too. Captain ED Mercer will be played by the creator himself, that is Seth MacFarlane. Mark Jackson, Seth MacFarlane Jessica Szohr, Peter Macon, Scott Grimes, J Lee, Adrianne Palicki, and Penny Johnson Jerald are some major cast members returning for their roles.

Wondering if you will get to see some new faces or not? Well, yes there are some new cast members added to the show but the revelation about their details has not been made yet. We will surely get back with their names if it is announced, stay tuned for that.

What Will We Get To See In Season 3? The Plot…

There are no announcements regarding the show’s plot. Or what is it going to be about. But one thing is sure, that the story will bring us more of adventures, problems and there enthusiastic solutions. Thus this is gonna be a lot of excitement. The plot will be more clear once we get the show’s trailer, which is not yet released. But the only unfortunate thing is that it will have less number of episodes compared to the previous two seasons.


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