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Top Gun 2 Release Date And What About The Trailer?

Top Gun: Maverick was announced for renewal 30 years ago when the original movie was released. And the fans have been waiting since then for its arrival but it didn’t tend to happen for so long. However, finally, after 30 long years, we have some good news for the fans. Read below to find out all the details.

The original Top Gun movie came up on the box office around thirty-four years ago. Tom Cruise hopes that people still have the same hype for it and watch its sequel with keen interest. Well yes, the good news is that Top Gun 2 is finally arriving this year.

For the past three decades, Maverick has been working as a dedicated aviator in the Navy. And now the time has come when he will be passing his wisdom to a complete new batch of Top Gun recruits. The new batch will also be setting up for a unique mission that no one would have thought of before this.

When Will Top Gun 2 Finally Release?

Previously, 12 July 2019 was decided as the release date for Top Gun 2. But it got postponed for a whole year due to some unknown reasons. After that the new release date was supposed to be 24 June, 2020 for the people of the US whereas, 17 July 2020 for the UK fans. But even this couldn’t happen due to the pandemic.

Well, the fans do not need to get an upset hearing about the delays, because we finally have a release date for the movie. So are you ready for the big news? The new and final release date for Top Gun 2 is 23 December, 2020. And the UK fans will also get the movie on the same date this time.

What About The Trailer?

On July 18, 2019, Comic-Con International released the movie’s first trailer. And according to the fans it was quite alike the trailer of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The Top Gun fans have also got a second trailer that released on December 16, 2019. This is the rare case when the movie is releasing one year after its trailer launch.


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