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    The Walking Dead season 10 finale finally gets release date after coronavirus delay

    The Walking Dead’s season 10 finale has finally been given a release date following the coronavirus delay. After Covid-19 was declared a worldwide pandemic, the TV industry was brought to assist stall the spread of the virus. This meant the post-apocalyptic hit episode for season 10 was put on hold until the team could go back to function keeping the social distancing guidelines. ADVERTISEMENT Top Articles by Metro Games Inbox: Can you care on PS5 about GTA 5? READ MORE 00:19 / / 00:30 SKIP AD But it appears there’s presently a set date for when lovers will get to see what goes with Beta (Ryan Hurst) and his horde. Go to our live website for the latest updates: When conversing on CartoonistKayfabe, Coronavirus news, the guy behind the books, Robert Kirkman, stated:’The Walking Dead show that was will come back. We are going to be airing — I understand dates. I don’t think they’re public. The finale was delayed over the coronavirus pandemic (Picture: AMC)’ But we have the finale of [Season 10]…

    There will be more Walking Dead tv that you watch at some stage later on.’ It comes after Variety reported that the bodily production hasn’t yet resumed, but this could vary on 9 June once labor union agents agree on new security protocols. Plus it seems fans are in for a treat, as producer Greg Nicotero teased a jaw-dropping’ episode. The director has teased a jaw-dropping’ finale (Picture:’ AMC) Speaking to Fandom, he explained:’There is a lot of character storylines which are [wrapped up]. You get bits of advice here, here, and here. You want [to ] end that chapter and start the next chapter at the finale. ‘We tackle a lot of stuff with Daryl, we tackle a lot of things with Negan, we address lots of things with Beta, we address a lot of things.’ ‘It’s been revealed that Maggie’s return is at the finale, also it frees us up well for season 11 that it’s a modest agonizing for me to not be able to discuss,’ the manager went on. ‘Because the last two minutes of the finale are going to only… People’s jaws will drop.’


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