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    Update On Castlevania Season 3’s Huge Netflix Ratings.

    Netflix renewed Castlevaniapretty swiftly following its season 3 debut, and creator Warren Ellis has taken to his private website to give us a peek behind the curtain at that decision-making procedure. Turns out, Castlevania didn’t just coast through an increasingly dog-eat-dog streaming landscape after year 3 landed on the service back in March — it smashed its doors in.

    What I could say is that year 3’s fame was an order of magnitude over that of year two, and season 2 was hot enough to get 3. It ends up season 3 did, indeed, shockingly well. Shows tend to reveal a little attrition in the next season, and it had been, quote, “odd” to find the audience rise with a multiple element.”

    We love Castlevania here in Den of Geek, but we were taken aback at how magnificent season 3 was. The pair also have some unlikely help in the form of Dracula’s half-human son, Alucard (James Callis). Season 3 additional the vocal abilities of Bill Nighy as time-traveler Saint Germain, and the veteran actor had a great deal of fun enjoying the irreverent character.

    Ellis seemed in an optimistic mood as he posted the upgrade, not only about the future of Castlevania but the future of more grown-up animated cuisine, too.

    That is not a market production, but something having the audience of (stops, sees Netflix sniper rifle dot)… many, many millions. In case it turns out that this bizarre issue is what prised open the doorway on doing adult-oriented play narrative in English language cartoons, I would be delighted. Because we just proved that the viewer is there, in the same amounts that appear for live-action play”

    Castlevania’s season has no set release date on Netflix, but as an animated series, it will not be harshly affected by the coronavirus pandemic as many live-action series have been.


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