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We have answers to your “Will Tesla ever bless India” questions…

Will Tesla ever enter the Indian market??? Questions like this till haunts the Indian EV manufacturers, but remains unanswered. But there may be some hints. How do we know, well the CEO of Tesla itself threw some tips.

Elon Musk was replying to a inquiry from a user on Twitter. The user asked when he should expect the Model 3 sedan the ‘booked over 4 years since’. The Tesla CEO replied, “Sorry, should confidently be soon!” Yes, we get too excited with not so relatable comments by the CEO, but our fingers have been crossed for pretty long.

Tesla has not get going any of its electric cars in India or any other South Asia country. The only Asian merchandise where Tesla has a existence in China. Tesla built its only operational factory outside the United States in China, and in a short time, has gathered momentum among the EV fashion there. Tesla is producing Model 3 sedans in China and plans to build its Model Y crossover from the Chinese gigafactory.

Tesla is currently looking to come up with its second Asian gigafactory, which Elon Musk wants to set up outside China. Options for Elon Musk to find a place for his next Asian gigafactory are likely to depend on the electric vehicle market. Among all the Asian countries apart from China, Japan, and Korea top the list where EVs are popular. India, too may feature on Musk’s mind given that land and labor both are likely to be cheaper than most other viable options.

Last month, the Tamil Nadu government wrote to top executives of automobiles companies, including Tesla, to set up shop in the state.

The Tesla lineup is considerably elegant, fulfilling something yet everything. A sedan, an SUV, a semi-truck, and a sports car with the ability to go from 0 to 100 mph in just 2.9 seconds without any CO2 emission, thanks to electric motors. If somehow, India gets bless with Tesla vehicles, the crazy billionaire and CEO of the company will have something in pockets for the Indian market.

It’s all “if and then” situation, but Tesla vehicles still run on Indian roads like any other imported car. It’s for sure, and the electric cars market will surely see Tesla someday.


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Rishabh Chugh
Rishabh Chugh
An automobile engineer by profession, writer by heart.

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