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What To Do With A Deregistered Car

Vehicle deregistration is the process wherein you cancel the current Australian registration papers of your automobile and cease from using it on the road.

You should deregister your vehicle when:

  • it’s been sitting idle in garage for a prolonged period;
  • it no longer serves its purpose as a means of transport;
  • it constantly breaks down and the repairs are becoming non-economical;
  • it’s been involved in an accident and fixing it isn’t feasible;
  • you’ve used it for over a decade and you want to purchase another one; and the like.

Once you’ve deregistered your car, it’s not advisable to let it rot in the garage or backyard. In fact, you can make some money out of it. With that in mind, below are six valid options you can take in dealing with an already deregistered car:

Old vintage cult car parked on the street by the restaurant, in the Italian town.
  • Sell It To Car Removal Services

When you’ve finally decided to let your car go, an excellent and straightforward option is to contact car removers located in Car Removal Auckland and nearby, and enquire about their services. Most car removal firms will immediately arrange to visit your home and assess the vehicle’s value. They’ll then give you a quote based on the vehicle type, model, and state of disrepair. And once you agree with the offer, they’ll tow the car away from your garage.

Conventionally, car removal companies disassemble it, take out some of its usable parts, and resell them as spares or to automobile stores dealing with used car parts.

The advantage of hiring car removers is that you’ll save on the time you could use to look for a buyer. You also would have incurred some costs in dissembling your car, for instance, if you hired a mechanic to do the job.

  • Make Use Of The Still Salvageable Parts

If you want to do all the work yourself, you should find a buyer for some of the functional components in your car. You can reuse your old car’s parts to repair other vehicles. Some of these parts include:

  • The engine;
  • Transmissions;
  • Windshield;
  • Fenders;
  • Side mirror;
  • The battery;
  • Unbroken windows and windshields;
  • Alloy wheels;
  • Water pumps;
  • Headlights;
  • Blinkers;
  • Seats; and others.

You’ll be surprised how some of the parts are a hot sale. Since you’ll be handling the sales, ensure you negotiate for the best prices. The deal can boost you if you use resale money to purchase a new car.

  • Sell Your Car As Second-Hand

If your car isn’t severely damaged, you can sell it to someone looking for used vehicles. Remember, deregistration doesn’t always imply your car has reached its end of life. Experience has it that cars can be used for thousands of miles even after hitting their purported lifespan. Moreover, many people who aren’t well financially endowed look for such vehicles.

So, spruce it up a bit to improve its look and functionality. Then, advertise it on online car listings or visit a nearby dealer shop. You can even count on word of mouth to find a potential buyer. Whichever strategy you employ, negotiate for a competitive price, so you end up with enough cash in your pocket.

  • Use It For Garden Art

Chances are that your old car is your dream car that you hold very dear to your heart. If you can’t fathom the thought of letting it go, you may as well keep it for good. But it doesn’t have to be locked away in your garage. You can get creative and make garden art out of your old car. With a bit of landscaping skills, you can transform your car into a masterpiece by:

  • Planting some flowers in your car;
  • Arranging painted stones around it and planting flowers in the enclosed soil;
  • Making a flower bed on the trunk;
  • Painting the bodywork of a roofless car in fantastic patterns and planting several unique flowers in the car;
  • Integrating it artistically into a water fountain; and the like.

Enhance your outdoors now with a cool automobile-based garden theme.

  • Contact Used Car Companies

Some companies specialize in taking used cars. They later transform your old car into something else—perhaps an ice cream cart or a roadside coffee shop. If your car’s body isn’t in bad form, mechanics can mold it into a store where people sell and buy. With a bit of painting, you’ll hardly recognize it. Thus, you can hire used car companies to take your deregistered car. Don’t be surprised when you spot your car’s body in your neighborhood as a shop or minute canteen.

  • Donate It

You can donate the old vehicle that you’ve got if you want to participate in social projects. Your deregistered car can be a blessing to a charity organization that accepts such donations. If you donate it to the organization, they’ll sell it away for some cash and use the money to run errands that’d considerably assist them in fulfilling their goals.

Alternatively, you can work with non-profit vocational centers that can take your car. On that note, remember to claim the tax refunds from the government or negotiate for a share of the proceeds from the organization.


Deregistering your vehicle shouldn’t be the end of things for your car – you can make extra cash from it. Keep in mind the ideas shared above to help you out in dealing with your already deregistered auto.


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