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2020 polestar 2

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Polestar 2 is the ambitious plan of the company given a perfect shape. This is a 100 percent electric car and as the philosophy preached, so is the show. The vehicle is based on performance and Polestar 2 doesn’t deviate the slightest from the philosophy.
Polestar 2 delivers a tremendous electric punch through its 78 kWh battery and electric motors giving an excellent torque of 330 Nm each on the rear wheels. The electric drive train can bring up to a speed of 100 in less than 5 seconds. There is an option for the performance package of Brembo brakes and the Ohlins dampers. The electric motor used in this car uses the momentum of the vehicle to recover energy and it uses the blended brakes to regenerate electricity. This makes the vehicle more eco-friendly, more efficient and more elegant than simple.
The battery is not the chassis type but works in harmony of the system. The car is a five-door system, with a tremendous distinctive design and hollow hexagonal gear shifters with a polestar at the top. Thus, the design and performance of the car make it a versatile, modern, progressive electric vehicle.
The body is designed for a minimum drag coefficient and improved aerodynamic functions. The rear backlight is 288 Led designed to glow elegantly with greater applied brakes according to the effectiveness of the brakes. These also work in patterns for a person moving toward or away from the car, making it a welcome and farewell sequence.
The roof is laminated for the lesser sun’s radiation. The car is equipped with a sound system of Harmon Kardon because of its obvious expertise and great tuning software.
There’s a lot offered by the car for performance which includes the forged alloy wheels, and it gives you seamless interaction with your digital life. Also, great quality of variations on the themes of the car, and for sure, there are no bad combinations available here. It’s all that goes with the style.
The car provides a storage solution of augmented 34 l front storage compilation and a 404 l tailgate luggage capacity. This is all to have great comfort through all the turns and curves of your road trip.

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