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    2020 Rimac C_two: The Hype is Real.

    One of the most prominent companies to ever step in the business of developing and manufacturing electric sports cars, drivetrains and battery system. Rimac Automobili initially originated in 2009 in Sveta nadeljia, Croatia; fuelled by the passion for creating ultimate sports car in of 21st century. With the first launched model by the company, the concept one, is known to be the world’s fastest production electric vehicle. Apart from manufacturing high-performance vehicles, Rimac also develops and produces efficient battery packs, drivetrain systems and vehicles for other companies as well. Recently at the 88th Geneva International Motor show in march 2018, the company unveiled it’s second-generation car the C_Two.

    The new Rimac C_Two seems to be a car from the future! The successor of the Concept one ought to have significant changes in power up-gradation as well as balancing the curb weight to the vehicle in a much efficient manner. The new model also features a new look and a unique style statement. The model incorporates the companies signature ‘tie design’ on the flanks, finessed to the car’s dramatic proportions. The new Rimac C_Two features a newly designed Gulf-Wing door. The models are power-packed by four upgraded electric motors which produce a total power 1,408 kW (1,914 Hp) and a full torque of 2,300Nm. The chassis is constructed with carbon-fiber resulting in a reduction of the overall curb weight of the vehicle, which helps in achieving an excellent performance to weight ratio. The weight of the new model is figured to be 1.959 kg despite of the heavy battery packs. The new model is tested to an astonishing top speed of 412 Kmph and can accelerate from 0-100 Kmph in 1.85 seconds.

    The car incorporated with it a fully-independent torque vectoring system to improve the handling of the vehicle. The car also includes many high tech features like facial recognition system, drift mode and an intelligent traction control system. The C_Two will be equipped with level 4 self-driving capability featuring eight cameras, LIDAR, six radars and 12 ultrasonic sensors. The car also incorporates a self functional air-intake cooling system for a rear cooling system. The advanced aerodynamic system allows the hypercar to slice the air like a silent sword, acquiring high efficiency and a must anticipated performance.


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