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2020 Toyota Supra, Crashes Right Into A Tree

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No, long ago we came with several photos of a wreck of the 2020 Toyota Supra, believed to be one of the first A90 models in total.

That particular car was shown at the salvage auction, and we have reason to believe that the same vehicle seen in a recent video was seen to have crashed in Bethesda, Maryland.

The most interesting footage depicts the Supra’s final moments and it appears that the passenger was captured with a webcam or something, as he can be seen on his smartphone monitoring the car’s performance with some kind of app. is.

It all went terribly wrong, however, as the footage suggests. At one point, the driver floored the throttle, sending the Supra Launch Edition rear end into a slide and aiming the nose directly at a tree.

The impact was quite strong, but thankfully both the airbags deployed and both adrenaline-seekers survived, although the passenger is said to have suffered more serious injuries.

While we may not know for sure, the driver may have discontinued driving aids given the way the Supra has lost tractor – not the best of thoughts in a powerful, rear-wheel-drive car that You do not know well. Cold weather may also be a factor, given that the Supra Launch Edition is factory-equipped with summer tires.

Sure, the new Supada is ripe for tuning, but it’s probably best to make sure you can hang it before adding extra power. Ironically, Swamy had posted some pictures on Facebook prior to the accident, which said, “Make my m55 tune from here … and it’s not ready.” Oh well, at least things could have gone awry.

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