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Alfa Romeo will announce the Giulietta late this year

With the Giulietta down, the Tonale in.

One of Europe’s oldest small hatchbacks. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta has been around since 2010 and has celebrated the highest year of sales ever in 2011. When European customers ordered 78,911 models.

Although in recent years almost all of its competitors have moved to new models, the Giulietta has stayed largely the same although it has undergone some small tweaks from time to time.

It’s no wonder that sales dived last year, slipping to just 15,690 vehicles on the Old Continent. That’s about five times less than the revenue it generated in its best year.

The aging Giulietta replaced by Alfa Romeo but not specifically. The Italian company is getting ready to launch the road-going Tonale. Rather than come out with a new hatchback.

Although some will be sorry to see the Giulietta go. The brand aims to offer the same driving qualities as the sporty hatchback with the new compact crossover.
Fabio Migliavacca, Alfa Romeo’s corporate marketing chief. Announced the Giulietta’s tragic. And inevitable fate in an interview with Autocar. His sentences were:

Giulietta so scheduled to end her life at the end of this year. He’s the same guy who recently said the company not involved in releasing new GTA models. So a Stelvio GTA isn’t anticipated.

As for the Tonale, the latest crossover reported to become the first electric plug-in vehicle for the company is expected to launch in production form later this year. However, the coronavirus epidemic may postpone the official unveiling of the car.

It’s not the only new model that Alfa Romeo is focusing on given the company’s current development plan. It also reveals a subcompact hybrid under the Tonale and Stelvio slots in the works.

We can not say the same thing for the 8C and GTV because the rebirth of the classic sports cars has been scrapped. With the capital to so spent where, from a commercial viewpoint, it makes the most sense – in SUV.


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