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Altered Carbon Season 2 Details, Season 3 Might Return With a New Lead and a Lot More Action

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Netflix’s Active Carbon is a dystopian cyberpunk web series known for its futuristic and mindboggling concepts. In, when the first season dropped on Netflix, it left everyone impressed by its concept. This series based on 2002 by Richard has so promising concepts and a very interesting world, where there are so many amazing stories to be told. Netflix has also grasped the promising prospects of a movie Universe, and quickly renewed this series for a second season. Impressed by its overwhelming success, Netflix revealed its plan to produce more spinoffs and seasons.

Season 2 verdict, Plot and Cast details

In a world, where humanity has overcome the ultimate fate, death. The human memory can be restored and backed up, and it can be restored in another body. However this futuristic world is not a place where everyone lives a happy and eternal life, but it’s divided into a class hierarchy, ridden by crime and of course there is some cool technology. Takeshi Kovacs(played by Joel Kinnaman)£ is a convicted criminal, who is brought back to life to solve a crime mystery.

After the success of season 1, Netflix took not so long to renew it for another season and an anime movie spinoff to be released in February 2020. Altered Carbon was renewed for another season on July 27, 2018, and the season 2 with 8 episodes premiered on February 27, 2020.

The season 2 takes place 30 years after the events of season 1. After the Bancroft case, he was approached by an Axley and a Meth to seek out his protection. But Takeshi( Anthony Mackie) flees when he finds Axley murdered and himself resleeved in a better body. He is now on the planet of Harlan’s world.

The spinoff anime movie, Altered Carbon Resleeved based on the evens prior of the season was also released in February 2020. It was mostly a disappointment, although it had few excellent action sequences everything other than that was a big letdown including the ugly CGI animation.

Everyone showered it with positive reviews, and it received a lot of praise. It is not simply a futuristic cyberpunk movie, which relies on action sequences and technology. Altered Carbon offers a world with its complex politics and society. A refreshing web series, which offers something unique a cyberpunk mystery thriller. So viewers ended up appreciating the web series, and now we are craving for some more.

Altered Carbon Season 3 Release Date And Cast

As of now, there is no official confirmation about the release of the season 3. But the chances of getting the season 3 is very high, and it’s almost certain. If season 3 will follow suit, the probability we will not see the Anthony Mackie and Takeshi probably will return in a new sleeve.

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