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Auto companies into esports a big change in recent years, a report by TalkEsport

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Automobile giants of the world have chosen to invest into esports. The industry which mostly consists of luxury brands, have had their fair share of sponsorships in the esports fraternity.

European carmaker Audi, BMW are the front runners of the deals with famous teams such as Astralis, Fnatic & X1.

This falls in line with the fitness and sports brands like Nike, Puma which also plays a fair role by investing into esports tournaments, teams and players as per reports and information by TalkEsport.

TalkEsport also talks about how these companies are also aiming at conducting events in India, which is one of the bigger markets. Redbull & Pepsi have also been involved in esports activity in India thus far.

Automobile homegrown companies like TATA and Maruti are yet to join the bandwagon of the growing esports industry, where KIA had already played a major role in appealing to the masses here.

TalkEsport’s point that esports and gaming will be the next big entertainment industry joining the movies and series regime as the cost of devices are plummeting correlative to the data costs.

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