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Haima Automobile To Enter India, Indian Automobile Market Flooding With Chinese Automakers

With the main aim of producing passenger cars for other companies, FAW Haima Automobile Co. Limited is a Chinese automotive giant company based in Haikou, Hainan, a subsidiary of the well renowned FAW Group.

The company was founded in 1992, as a joint venture between Mazda and the Hainan provincial government, in order to produce Mazda models in china. With an annual production capacity of approximately 400,000 vehicles, as per records, nearly a total of 157,242 Haima passenger cars were sold in China in 2013, which made it one of the 28th largest-selling car brand in the country in that year.

As we all know that MG motor as already entered the Indian market, the other companies to set it’s a foot in the Indian market will be Haima Automobile, according to a news agency report that was recently published. As per the statements made by the company spokesperson in a media, the event said, “It is certain that Haima Automobile Group, one of the most trusted auto manufacturer in china, is set step it’s foot into the Indian automotive sector.”

As per the latest news from inside stories, the company is figuring out the India strategy and the policy is still under discussion with the government officials.

For the Indian establishment of the company, Haima tied up with Bird Electric, a subsidiary of Bird Group, which is the national dealer of Mini and BMW vehicles in India and also handles the distribution of Segway personal transporters.

As per the reports, Haima is preparing to come up with an entire fleet of EVs at the upcoming Auto Expo 2020 show, which will take place in February.

Now the company itself is on the verge of developing a whole range of SUVs and electrified vehicles that will utilize the Haima Global Architecture platform. The most popular series of them all, the B-SUV’ and C-SUV, seeing it’s popularity along with with similar products will be the most logical to start it’s brand new innings in India. As per the news, Haima recently builds a manufacturing plant in Bulgaria starting 2018. It will be the second Chinese company to build a factory in Europe.


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