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Important Tips For Car: How to Get Rid When Your Car Smells !!!

If your car smells bad then the journey becomes very difficult. Traveling in a clean car is fun. Also, if there is a pleasant scent inside the car, then the enjoyment of the journey also doubles. Not only this, the mind relays with a good fragrance, but often despite smelling in a good car, it smells bad in the car. In such a condition, we are telling you some tips with the help of which your car will always smell fragrant.

Cleanliness is Very Important

If you travel by car every day then cleaning the car is very important. Try not to leave any dust in the car. Often chips, cold drinks, hard drinks in the car leave the drink cans or rappers in the car, which creates an odor in the car, and the perfume in the car also does not work properly, so cleaning is very important.

Do Vacuum Twice a Week

Vacuum all the seats in your car twice a week. Doing this will remove the grime. Before sitting in the car, clean your shoes and slippers. This will not create a smell with infection.

How to use Perfume Like This

Even after keeping a good perfume in the car, the scent does not spread throughout the car. There is a big reason for it not being used in the right place. In such a condition, if you spray the perfume on every corner of the vehicle, it will be beneficial. The fragrance will be found everywhere.

Do not Smoke in the Car

Odors should be used towards the AC system as most of the smells come from here. By doing this frequently and intermittently, the smell coming from outside can be erased. Do not smoke while sitting in the car as the smell of it does not go away quickly.

Turn Down the Window

After cleaning the car glasses with a glass cleaner, close all the windows so that the outside air enters the car and the smell of the glass cleaner goes out. Do not use glass cleaners in very large quantities.


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