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Is Formula E Evolving?

There are a couple of takeaways from this teaser picture, although Perhaps it doesn’t look like much. The Gen 2 Evo will comprise wheels taking away the wheel surrounds in the wheels. It appears like the front wing of the car will not extend out as much as the nosecone as it does. It seems that the nose cone could be pointed at an angle, too, although it is hard to tell from the edge.

Last summer, it was mooted a so-called gen 2.5 upgrade would find a more miserable front end to”self-evident” drivers to be overly competitive with the proverbial chrome horn. For reference, here is what the spec car looks like, this one is the 99X Electric of Porsche.

The Evo automobile will be established on February 4th. I look forward to a car that rewards a way of overtaking and upgrades. I think the car is fittingly alien, and among the best looking race cars on earth at this time.

That can make motorists think twice about a dive-bomb up the interior, although it is already racing. That will be a fantastic thing.


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