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Tesla: Tesla Model 3 Touring Is a Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake Looking Hideous

Tesla: Tesla builds a new version of the Model 3. It is not something that is totally off the table. But until it happens each of us can only imagine how such a model will look like.

Great designer Kleber Silva, who previously designed several renderings. Such as Chrysler 300 SUV it has published various new concepts. This envision is called the Tesla Model 3 Touring.

Tesla Model 3 Touring is not the kind of car you’d take home. However, given how successful everything Tesla is these days. We may not surprised if Tesla Model 3 Touring becomes super successful.

Tesla: Tesla Model 3 Touring Design

The front of the car is the same as standard Model 3. But all the redesigning happens in back to make the wagon body possible.

This Tesla Model 3 Touring looks like the back of the Mercedes Benz CLA Shooting Brake. So, it is a design that will easily become a love-it-or-hate-it design.

However, Tesla is not looking into building a station wagon version of the Model 3. On the other side, Tesla doesn’t go for a regular approach that will easy to anticipate. The Cybertruck is the live example of how the company likes to do things a little bit different from others.

Elon Musk is busy with the existing lineup. Also, he recently confirms with the Roadster. For example, that will still have to wait for some other models and then go-ahead for production. So, the Cybertruck is the next in the queue to see daylight, followed up by the upgraded Model X and Model S. Roadster and whatever comes after that show up anytime soon.


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