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The BMW R 1250 RS: the comfort Zone is large

  • The BMW R 1250 RS
  • Introduction.
    What is here that determines the quality of the ride? Time, distance, and comfort. And, we are going to discuss the same topics over the new BMW R 1250 RS.
  • An overview of technology

the power train of BMW 1250 offers you an abundant 105 lb-ft torque and 136 hp of the engine acceleration and gives you a cruising speed. And then comes the Innovative BMW shift cam technology. So, what is that? It is basically to provide more torque and fuel an impressive sprint in racing situations. The front has been redesigned. And it consists of a full LED headlight. So, it gives them a sporty look and aerodynamically enhances the performances.

  • Design the ride
    the bike is available in four colors like the Black metallic storm, the style sports color, which is the Austin yellow metallic matte, the exclusive imperial blue version, and the sparkling bronze variant.
  • The sportiness meets the Ergonomics here
    The touring ability has been blended with sportiness enthusiasm. There are a newly redesigned front and an engine spoiler. The symmetrical layout of headlights and the perfect geometry not only gives it a balanced look but also ensures a grip over the ride.
  • The core and the Heart
    A twin-cylinder boxer engine powers the bike. It gives it a displacement of 1254 cc capacity, a 136 hp at 7750 pm. The torque is 105 lb-ft. The driver can use it to get a 125 km/hrs maximum speed. The engine is air/liquid-cooled and four strokes flat type.
  • The BMW Shift Cam
    It is the new technology that empowers you to accelerate from any speed. The sprint can be in any lane, and 136 hp is increased from the other end. Thus, it is a noticeable feature that punches a pure riding pleasure with this boxer.

The new LED is both low and high beam illumining. It provides for a greater angle. There is also a TFT display with connectivity . and it is more consistent than the conventional headlights. The light is whiter, more contour clearer, and increases passive safety. so, you can opt for a safe ride with a lot of performance and no glitch in its comfort here.


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