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The Lordstown Plant of General Motors sold was a flashpoint


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General Motors Co. sold out its Lords town Plant, Ohio assembly plant this Thursday. Because of the flashpoint at the plant for President Trump and unionized workers angry over closures. Now, it has a new owner. The plant has been sold by General Motors Co. to a new startup by Lords town Motor Corp. It was an undisclosed deal between the new electric car maker and the old one.

The issues of General Motors!!

Lords town Motors are expecting for a good investment to begin production in 2020 and will focus on electric trucks. And, they will be going for business and Government customers mostly. The first model from the Lords Town Corp. is going to be Endurance.

General Motors Co. said that the steps had been initialized to make the area a hub for electric vehicle manufacturing. And the Lords town Motor Corp. will serve the best way possible. General Motors Co. also made sure to acknowledge that it is going to invest in a nearby factory that manufactures battery cells for electric vehicles.

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The company had initiated steps from May to sell off the plant and will be saving jobs related to automobiles that run on electricity. There were also jobs preserved from the traditional gas-powered vehicles and auto industry transition. The news was lauded by President Trump who had urged the General motors to keep the plant open for the politically pivot state.in the recent negotiations, the members from the United Auto Works, the official representatives of the union of workers at the factory sought an unsuccessful deal with the General Motors to set up a different Model to the Lords Town plant to keep it open. But instead, the ratification of contract led GM to close the plant in the area.

The new Plan!!

The new electric car startup has plans to use union labors but the work stills hang for the contract discussions, with the UAW. The union has aimed for good, well-paying jobs at the plant. The new startup will employ 400 workers to start and the wages will be competitive with the one paid by the GM earlier. But the truth is that the assembling of the electric vehicle has less complex parts and hence a lesser employment chances

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