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The Top 10 Cheapest Cars In The World

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All gathering here for the basic need, yes, we all are here for the same thing, to find a car in our budget, the cheapest cars to suit our style and our pockets, yeah, not the size but the maintenance of course. Using a means of public transport is cool and nature-friendly but. Every time it’s just not natural. Freedom to move around on any route at any time, that’s what an owning of the car gives you the liberty of. Just buy at the right cost and it can come with style and for the need as well. Don’t come here for the luxury supercars, we will work on that, but for now, focus, we focus on the pocket. No Rolls Royce, Bugatti, BMW, here……none will be even on the list here. Just the cheapest cars in the world here…
1. Tata Nano – $3,056
First comes the Nano by Tata Motors, the cheapest of all. It is a rear-wheel-drive with a petrol engine with two cylinders. It takes you up to 105 km per hour. The measure of the car is adequate and let’s say CUTE.
2. Chery QQ – $4,781
This China-made car has been in the market since 2003 and has got many variants already like QQ6 the supermini version. It is a five-speed five-door type car and all that you need.
3. Maruti Suzuki 800 – $4,994
The 796 cc engine vehicle Maruti Suzuki is also on the list. The car comes with a manual transmission and already 3 million have been sold. Though it has old standard emissions.
4. Geely MR – $5,500
Another Chinese car on the list and this is the Merrie. It is a subcompact car with four cylinder engine and comes in 2 variants on fuel amount based differences.
5. Geely HQ SRC – $5,780
It is a car built for five people and has been since 1980. It has a four-cylinder engine with 16 valves, the basics all it got right.
6. Chery A1 – $7,340
The 1297 cc engined Cheryl by Chery Automobile is also present on the list. It comes in three models and the standard model is the cheapest draws a lot of attention. It also has a comfortable and luxurious model.
7. Tata Indica – $8,500
Next is a pure native Indian car, the Tata Indica by Tata Motors with great sales across the market and has got decent measurements as well.
8. Hyundai i10 – $9,096
The car with many versions in style and fuel capacity, Hyundai I10 has been on the list since 2007 and a five-door version with great adequacy in measurements. It even has an automatic version.
9. Fiat Palio – $9,242
Believe your eyes as the Fiat is on the list with Fiat Palio. It’s a 990 kg beast with a ground clearance of 170 mm and this style is used a model for many picks up trucks and wagons and sport utility vehicles.
10. Renault Dacia Logan – $9,477
We cannot forget to put the Renault Dacia Logan onto the list with an aim for the masses cheap car. Its engine has got four cylinders and eight valves and can deliver a power up to 75 hp. Also, it is available in very many countries.

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