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These 5 Mistakes Often People Do While Driving an Automatic Car, Know In Details Here !!!

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The craze of cars with automatic transmission (AMT) is increasing. However, while driving automatic cars, people often make such mistakes that cause heavy damage to the gearbox. Today we will tell you about five such mistakes that you should not make while driving an automatic car.

Parking Mode

The ‘P’ mode is used during parking in automatic cars. The car does not move back and forth in this mode.
The gearbox makes use of the parking pawl to prevent the cog from rotating when the car is put in P mode.
Doing this in a moving car can damage the transmission. Use this mode only when the car is stationary.

Take These Precautions on the Slope

Driving in neutral on a slope is dangerous for your car’s gearbox. ‘N’ means the oil supply stops at neutral.
Due to the shutdown of the oil supply, the transmission does not get enough lubricants to function smoothly. This damages the gearbox of the car.
In this situation, the car is not accelerated with the pedals, due to which the driver does not have complete control over the car. This can prove to be very dangerous.

Non-Stop Reverse Gear

Using reverse gear in an automatic car without stopping can lead to gearbox failure.
When the gear is inserted into the auto transmission, the mechanism uses the transmission band and clutch to shift gears.
Due to this, always move the car from drive mode i.e. D to reverse mode i.e. R only after completely stopping the vehicle.

Launch Control

Cars with automatic transmission have a ‘Launch Control’ feature.
This feature gives a good start during high speed or competition.
While using launch control, most people increase the revs in neutral and then go into drive mode.
Doing this is not right, it damages the engine and gearbox. With this, the car moves forward by jerking.
The correct way to launch an automatic car is to put the car in drive mode, press the brake pedal, increase the rev and when ready to launch, release the brake pedal as a clutch.

Neutral at the Traffic Light

It is better to put the automatic car in drive mode and apply the brakes while standing at a traffic light than to keep the car in neutral mode.
By doing this you will not have to use the gearbox again and again.
If the car has a stop-start system, use it.

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