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Westworld Season 3, Episode 6 Full Detail In Decoherence

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In its sixth episode, Westworld season 3 is going towards its finale, but’Decoherence’ — which sets up the conclusion — is a tad lackluster. The action pivots to three others: William, Charlotte, and Maeve. They attached, while the chain of events involving every character plays out individually through the majority of the episode.

Maeve’s control device was retrieved by Serac afterward she was murdered in Singapore by her friend Musashi, who turns out to be another of Dolores’ copies. Serac reiterates his deal to a simulated Maeve: be stuck in some form of robot purgatory, or Stop Dolores and win eternal salvation with her daughter. The option is made by simulated Maeve, however, notes that she wants some help to beat at Dolores.

When she awakes, she’s back in Warworld, but this time her power — to restrain other hosts (or instead of the simulations of these other hosts) — is back again. Also back is Lee Sizemore. In conversation with Lee, Maeve realizes that she has been”talented” an extra power by Serac: she can now”look” to the room where a few host”pearls” or restrain units are placed and also access those. One of these pearls is Hector’s, whom she grants memory and cognition and brings back into the simulation.

Maeve, Restored Hector, and Lee then heads down to an area where another”gift” from Serac awaits: a replica of Dolores — courtesy Connell’s pearl, which was recovered after the explosion at the Incite headquarters. The concept is for Maeve to know just as much as she can about Dolores’ strategy through the Connell copy, though, as the latter tells her, every one of those copies might have been Dolores, to begin with, but they’ve changed based on who they had been put in and the paths those individuals took.

Which brings us to the consequential Dolores backup — Charlotte — whose narrative is the part of this episode. From the leak world, Charlotte is preparing for a board meeting. Serac nips those plans in the bud by delivering Charlotte a threat and having her ally on the board killed. A spooked Charlotte calls Dolores, who urges her to proceed and tries to pull back.

Serac arrives and puts his plan into motion. He asks except for three units. He speculates that somebody in Delos is an order and host screenings for all its workers. Charlotte manages to get a backup of all the data but is intercepted by Serac who has been tipped off by just how much more involved she has been a parent recently (which would produce the robot Charlotte more humane than the human Charlotte!). Charlotte has ready for the eventuality of being uncovered and shoots out her way from the Delos boardroom (there is a nifty sequence in which she utilizes her cape-jacket as a murder weapon) before going to the study and development wing beneath.

Here, she disconnects and finds the Connell pearl — and more importantly, destroys Hector’s pearl, leaving Maeve to witness his death. Which makes Maeve very, very angry. Charlotte additionally participates in Delos’ riot control robot to throw her off pursuers, making her spine to her spouse and son — only to get them blown into smithereens by Serac’s men, in one of the only two minutes with real emotional heft in this whole episode.

The other moment happens from the William narrative. His therapist is currently in counseling with him if she receives a string of messages from her spouse: she leaked Incite profile (which calls for the reduction of her medical license, opioid addiction, and issues together with her patients) has promoted him to take their children and move out. As William himself is fitted with an oral augmentation (like Caleb’s), awarded a dose of sedatives and taken back to his room, he sees through the crystal clear glass portion of her office door the top of her desk, her feet walking towards its border, then dangling limply in mid.

William, under the effect of the augmentation, enters a”group therapy” session with a variety of variations of himself: as a child, since the young guy who visited the park and fell in love with Dolores, since the vertical and productive entrepreneur, as the Man in Black. James Delos functions as the moderator/counselor. By the end of the”session”, William has”killed” all his other-selves and proclaims: “I finally know my objective.” It is to be the man.

Huh. Bernard and Stubbs locate William at this juncture everyone has left the facility he was being treated at. Elsewhere, Maeve’s body has been completed, and her self once again includes a form.

If we did not possess the thrilling order this episode — full of requiring one leap too many and oddly cut transitions between both storylines of Charlotte — would have been a bit of a washout. As things stand, Charlotte saves. Will she have her vengeance?

Westworld season 3 is now streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar. Watch a trailer for episode 7 here —

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