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3 T For BMW Is a $5,500 Gravel Bike with a Composite Aerodynamic Frame

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BMW and top Italian motorcycle maker 3 T have announced a new bike partnership.

Using the Exploro all-road bike as a base. The customers looking for adventure. As 3 T has designed a limited edition ‘3 T For BMW’ model in two color variants.

3 T was our obvious option. So, 3 T’s Exploro model is the best gravel bike possible for our customers mixing value, comfort and cycling enjoyment, “says Gaston Streiger, Head of BMW Lifestyle.

BMW says the sharp silhouettes and straight lines of the current gravel bike match with its streamlined architecture. So, perfectly blend with a broader range of lifestyle items.

Ironically, the BMW Bicycle 3 T For does not bear the BMW emblem like most bicycles present in the lineup of the company. The model features an aerodynamic composite shell. The lightest composite aero cranks in the world (made at the Italian carbon factory of 3 T). So, an exclusive Brooks leather saddle and matching leather grips from Brooks.

The Shimano GRX kit package for gravel bikes, the world’s first focused collection with gravel parts, is also available. Fulcrum alloy wheels and Schwalbe One Speed resistance tires fill out the kit, so providing high-speed traction on the field.

We are incredibly proud that BMW specifically chose 3 T to collaborate on the production of the exclusive 3 T For BMW Cycle. BMW offers riders with’ sheer cycling enjoyment’ and we plan to provide the same all-road riding experience with the 3 T FOR BMW ride “says René Wiertz, 3 T’s co-owner, and CEO.

The component about the 3 T For BMW bike which is tougher to swallow is the price, clearly. The Gray model and the Black / Blue model are priced at US$ 5,499 andEuropean€5,499 respectively. The bike will be eligible for designated BMW dealers and 3 T Experience Centers for purchasing. Fulcrum alloy wheels and Schwalbe One Speed tolerant tires fill out the kit, providing high-speed traction on the field.

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