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Bollinger B1 and B2 bring the electric fizz around themselves

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Some serious specs for the electric truck and SUV pack

Two years are off after Bollinger got into the market with an electric SUV. And it had straight edges in the name of design. But we find a lot changing over the past year. It wasn’t even a thought that where Rivian and Ford came out promising the customers more on electric Pickups and standard automakers. Bollinger would hold up. So, we find Bollinger with new moves too.

This Thursday, we saw Bollinger with its latest collections to unveil. They gave their iteration of B1 four-door electric SUV and the B2 electric pickup truck. We found the Bollinger polished as per the picture rendering them in previous looks. And they have described themselves as beta prototypes in the documents. And there is still some superstition regarding their closeness to the production version. Earlier, we got only the peek of two-door B1 SUV. So, it’s the first time in person to see a four-door product.

Both the vehicles form their base upon the Class 3 truck platform.

They are heavy-duty trucks and look a lot of utilitarian in style. Their designs are composed of straight lines and exposed rivets. The prime difference that they possess is their bed got enclosed or not. Their interiors are similar to spartan in nature.. they have got a flat dashboard and a few gauges and switches around. And, the hauling has been made easy with seat bolts right to the flat floor. The cabin feels beautiful and airy. They have got six glass panels above the heads.

The spec sheet is impressive in data.

Both the EVs are in potential with the dual electric motor setup as they give a 614 hp and a 668 torque of pound-feet. The sprint is for 4.5 seconds for 0 to 60 miles. It also offers you a payload capacity of 5201 pounds and a towing capacity of 7500 pounds. The Bollinger’s have got two-speed gearbox with low range and 15-inch ground clearance. The battery pack comes for 120 kW, and the Bollinger declined to mention the variety.

What’s next, you may ask. But we are not sure of it. Bollinger said to achieve a milestone here but got no idea of pricing, manufacturing and timing. Just the “coming months” was all we could get as an answer.

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