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Castlevania Season 4 Is Dracula A Belmont? Why Did Dracula Not Turn Lisa? Netflix’s

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With season 3 of this animated show hitting the big screens in March this year, Castlevania is all set for a year 4! The American mature animated television series aired in July 2017 on Netflix and is based on the movie. Vampire Count Dracula taking revenge, is depicted by the series.

Castlevania Season 4

Release Date

Fans can celebrate as Netflix officially declared the renewal on Castlevania year four on 27th March this year, although the official release date has not been announced yet. It is very improbable that the shooting might have started, and it might have been postponed due to the present scenario that is pandemic. Because there was a gap of over one and a half years between years 1,2, and 3, we could expect season 4 in the second half of 2021.


The voice cast of year four has not been officially announced, although we can expect the critical stars to remain the same. The cast comprises — Richard Armitage (Trevor Belmont); James Callis (Adrian”Alucard Tepes); Alejandra Reynoso (Sypha Belnades); Theo James (Hector) and a lot more.

The Plot

It is expected that season 4 will begin where year three left. Season 3 has gone lots of windows available to the story. Will Alucard become chilly as Taka and Sumi had murdered him? Or can we anticipate Dracula’s entrance? There are lots of questions. As of this moment, the lovers can wait for the answers by the launch of year 4.

Trailer and Updates

No trailer is out yet. Fans and viewers must know that Dracula was the knight from the 11th century, Gabriel Belmont, as seen in Lord of shadows. It is also possible that Lisa didn’t turn as she didn’t want him to.

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