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Follow These Tips To Avoid Corona On Motorcycle

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In the midst of the situation that has arisen due to the third wave of coronavirus infection, it is natural to be afraid of going out of the house. Opinions have been given by governments and experts that if it is not very important, then do not go out of the house. In such a situation, if you are in such a service, in which it is necessary to go out of the house or say that if you are a person associated with Essential Services, then it is obviously necessary to get out of your house. But, in such a situation, you should take precautions. That is why if you travel by motorcycle during this period of corona infection, then today we are going to tell you some tips, which you must follow. These tips will prove to help protect you from coronavirus infection.

Wear A Mask

Whenever you come out of the house with a motorcycle, first of all wear your mask properly, because the mask is the biggest weapon against coronavirus infection. that can save you. Along with this, God forbid that if you have got a coronavirus infection, then in that case the mask worn by you can save others from it too.

Put On A Helmet

How To Be Safe From Corona While Riding Bike

Do not make the mistake of assuming that if you are wearing a helmet, then you will not wear a mask inside it. Wear a helmet over the mask. This will act as a double protection shield for you. Wearing a helmet is also very important according to the traffic rules. Challan can be deducted for not wearing a helmet. So wear both helmet and mask.

Avoid Congested Roads

While traveling by motorcycle, try to choose the route which is less crowded. Even if that road is a little too long, we still suggest that you choose a route that has fewer people because there is a higher risk of coronavirus infection in the crowd.

Sanitize Your Hands Wherever You Stop

Whenever you get off the motorcycle, first of all sanitize your hands as it is common that after getting off the motorcycle, the rider’s hands usually point towards his face. In such a situation, if for some reason you have coronavirus on your hands, then it can infect you.

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