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Harley Davidson unveils Softail 2020

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The Harley-Davidson Softail family comprises a wide range of popular bikes including the Fat Bob, Fat Boy, Heritage Classic and more. The Softail family lies between the aged Sportster family and the premium/cost Touring bicycle range.

The most affordable model has been the Street Bob since the Softail family’s rebirth in 2017 but that role has now been taken over by the Softail Standard.

The variations between the Standard Softail and the Street Bob are quite slight. If you were to compare photos of both bikes back and forth. You’ll see that the main change is that the Softail Standard has a lot of chromium in place of the Street Bob black coating.

The Specifications:

The specs tell the same story, and both bikes sport a similar frame. The suspension configuration as well as the highly acclaimed 107 Milwaukee Eight engine churning out a torque of 149Nm at 3000rpm. The kerb weight, at 297 kg, remains untouched.

While much remains the same in terms of design and performance, the Softail Standard carries a price tag that is about $1000 lower. And also about Rs 70,000 lower. It’s not clear at the moment whether Harley-Davidson plans to bring this bike to our market. But we would be surprised if the brand didn’t.

The company currently only mentions three Softails. The Low Rider, Low Rider S, and the Fat Boy – on its Indian web site. Harley-Davidson India currently focused on clearing its existing stocks. Before the BS6 regulations kick in and will only then be preparing to sell more models in the Softail range.

When the timing is right we plan to introduce the Softail Standard in India. But it’s going to be interesting to see how it’s handled at Harley. The BS4 Street Bob originally priced at Rs 11.99 lakh (ex-showroom) in 2017 for comparison. But the last reported price was just over Rs 12.5 lakh (ex-showroom) when on sale.

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