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Keep in Mind These Things When Go to Car Mechanic For Service, Know Everything In Details !!!

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At the time of getting car service, mechanics take money by telling hidden charges or less. But by keeping a few things in mind, you can get rid of the long mechanic’s bill. Let’s know-how.

Summer-winter or rainy car needs good care in every season. During his hectic life, people often forget to take care of the car and when it comes to servicing the car, they pay a lot of money to the mechanic in vain. The work which is not even needed in the car, the mechanics also do that work. Today we will tell you some tips and tricks that you can keep in mind during servicing.

Check Oil Yourself

Do not get the oil changed at the service center at the behest of the mechanic. Oil starts turning black as soon as diesel is put in vehicles. In such a situation, you should check the quality of oil from the oil dip at home and after completing one year or running more than 10 thousand km, do the service and get the oil changed.

AC Filter will be Changed

Often people do not even know when to change the AC filter. Cooling is a problem in summers and mechanics recommend replacing the AC filter. It would be better if you get the AC checked once before the summer starts. Apart from this, the AC filter should be changed after running 20 thousand km.

Add Oil as per Your Choice

Many times mechanics advise getting full synthetic oil poured to earn money. Full synthetic oil indeed increases the life of the engine, but this oil is three times more expensive than normal oil, you should put this oil according to the use of the car. If your car runs more then you can get this oil poured, because semi-synthetic and full synthetic oil directly affects the engine smoothness, running, and wear-and-tear of the vehicle.

Check Tires

Often during car servicing, mechanics inflate the bill by telling you that the wheel balancing is wrong. Do not fall for their words and check the condition of the tire yourself. If the front tires are wearing out erratically, then wheel alignment is needed. Apart from this, if there is a jerk or vibration in the steering wheel at high speed, then balancing is needed.

Avoid Fraud in the Name of Battery

Wasteful charging is done even in the name of battery failure. According to experts, maintaining the battery level increases the life of your battery and does not cause problems for a long time. For this, you should do a battery water top-up twice a year. If the battery is getting discharged then get it charged once or twice. We have told you in the earlier report about how to take care of the battery.

Do not Change the Oil-Filter Everywhere

Local mechanics make big money in the filter. Local filters are installed in the car saying that the filter is bad and you do not even know. If you want to change the filters, then do it from the authorized center only.

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