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Lewis Hamilton warns F1 rivals as he looks to be equal to the record of seven world titles by Michael Schumacher

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The experience I have both physically and mentally is on a different level relative to last year: Lewis Hamilton threatens F1 rivals ominously. As he aims to be close to the mark of seven world titles by Michael Schumacher.

Lewis Hamilton fired a warning shot at his opponents, claiming he’s felt physically and mentally ‘ on a different level ‘ ahead of the Formula One season.

The Australian Grand Prix’s:

The Australian Grand Prix’s first race is on March 15 and Hamilton shared a video with his family. Mercedes prepares to train for another championship tilt.

It’s been an awesome season, I’ve had a lot of time with family and friends. I’d say there was one of the best times with my brother,’ he added.

‘Secondly, this year’s training was different so the feeling I have physically and mentally on a different level compared to last year so it’s a really positive one.

I know you’re all gunning for number seven. But I think we’ve got to do it one step at a time, we don’t know where we’re going to be next to everyone else, and this year we’ve really got to be more effective with our test program, particularly since we’ve got less time. We have a lot of work to do yet.

Hamilton Sixth Championship:

Hamilton had cruised to his sixth world championship last year and if he were to retain his title. He would be equal to the mark of seven for Michael Schumacher.

The 35-year-old fights healthy and is five kilograms lighter than last year this time.

He shared a topless photo of himself on Twitter last week with the caption: ‘ I arrived in training last year with a lot of water weight and around 78 kg.

‘ I am at a 73 kg healthier weight this year. Still have more weight to burn off and more muscle to add but on the road. ‘ Mercedes are working hard for the season on their car and official training begins on February 19.

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