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Suzuki Tests 2020 MotoGP Engine At Motegi Japanese GP Practise Session

One of the most trusted names in the field of Motorcycles and producing some of the most fabulous racing machines available on the planet right now. A true legacy of dedication and craftsmanship can be reflected from the previous records, Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese Multinational company heading from Minamiku, Hamamatsu. Founded in 1909, as a company for weaving looms for Japan’s giant silk industry and finally coming to their first prototype car in the year 1937. Suzuki manufactures motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles(ATV) and other variety of small internal combustion engine as well as onboard motors. It was in the year 2016, Suzuki was the Eleventh largest automaker in terms of production, with a worldwide sales of being the tenth-largest in automobile sales volume.

Now coming to the verdict, Suzuki’s MotoGP test rider Sylvain Guintoli debut for the GXR-RR’s prototype 2020 engine at the much anticipated Japanese Grand Prix. Rumors claim that the 2014 world superbike champion is making it’s fourth wildcard appearance for Suzuki this year at Motegi, this coming weekend. Leaks also suggest that Suzuki must be racing with the first version of it’s 20 engine along with other major development in the model. Recent reports pins that Guintoli ended the 19th day with the best time record of 1minute and 46.803seconds while running the new engine. According to Guintoli, he mentioned that the new engine is much more power-packed than it’s predecessors, but it will take some more practice to adjust to it. He mentioned that “It’s obvious when you bring out something new to takes some time to adjust.” The first impression and preview about the engine are very good, he added. The new engine is not only designed for the perspective for more speed but also focuses on agile handling and better tractive control over the vehicle.

For reference, Guintoli was 19th amongst the speed trap in FP2 at 191.1 miles per hour with the new upgraded and advanced engine. The engine details and specifications are not rolled out by the company but it hints towards covering that extra bit and making this year’s even a memorable event for the company.


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