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The Walking Dead’s Worst-Rated Episode Is the Intro In Season 7 of Oceanside

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The Walking Dead’s worst-rated incident came during the season, and unsurprisingly, it lacked heritage personalities in the focus, as it had been about introducing yet another settlement. The series is gearing up to close its season with the eleventh out in development. With an ensemble cast and so many moving parts, the series could throw in a few episodes that many fans deemed “fillers.”

Were episodes that concentrated on solo subplots when figures were on missions or separated by the group. They were also used to introduce places or new characters to the storyline. These types of episodes had a propensity to come up to extend the suspense for eventful moments that are large. In reality, these subplots slowed the pace and momentum down, Leading to fan displeasure

Unless the standard of Walking Dead episodes diminish fast, since the series looks to pass 150 total episodes, then the lowest-rated incident is”Swear” from year 7. According to IMDb, The Walking Dead season, episode 6 is rated as 5.6/10, the only event to drop below 6. The episode centered on Tara Chambler (Alanna Masterson) when she discovered Oceanside after being split to some supply-run with Heath. Even though Rick Grimes and his team faced off against the Saviors and Negan, the Tara incident was deemed by many fans as a dull diversion to the conflict. The debut of the female-led community could come into play down the line, though it wasn’t an exciting episode concerning action.

Why”Swear” Was Received So Poorly Throughout The Walking Dead Season 7

It’s not surprising that an episode like”Swear” would rank as the worst-rated Walking Dead episode since season 7 is seen as one of the weakest installments in the show’s history. The season introduced a lot of new communities and faces in a brief period. It split the legacy characters and farther convoluted the plot. As for”Swear,” some fans may not have experienced a problem with Tara as a character but there wasn’t enough interest in a secondary group used to bridge the gap for yet another community. It didn’t help that Oceanside made Tara promise not to inform their existence once she left it back to Alexandria. The incident with Oceanside felt as though it had no immediate payoff since their involvement wasn’t needed right away.

Regrettably, The Walking Dead started to trend down in ratings with the remainder of season 7 and during season 8. Season 8 remains the season, averaging. Figuring out the battle and killing off a character such as Carl bewildered a great deal of viewers. The show managed to rally with the ninth season by entering a new chapter in the era that is post-Rick and proceeding beyond Negan. The Walking Dead is still holding steady from the ratings but either way, AMC has no plans to end the series anytime soon. The loss of more characters could potentially change that but only time will tell.

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