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Why did Ecclestone swamp mega star Lewis Hamilton with ‘cease and desist’ letters?

Throughout his tenure at the helm of F1, Bernie Ecclestone Coverage as it came to protecting the image rights of the sport, as celebrity Lewis Hamilton found out.

Ecclestone predominate on Grand Prix racing was sour, However, with the dawn of the net from the late 90s, the supremo never watched the advantage of harnessing the existence of F1 .

When media surfaced, Ecclestone was protective, Controlling the flux of video content and pictures .

Upon its purchase of this game Liberty Media, in 2017, conscious – Contrary to Ecclestone – of the significance of enthusiast engagement in developing a new goodwill, relaxed the societal networking principles, much to the joy of Hamilton and his countless followers on Instagram and Twitter.

Along with the movement meant an end to Hamilton getting’stop and Desist’ letters from Formula One Management’s legal division as F1’s mind of electronic Frank Arthofer clarified at the current SportsPro OTT summit.

“A Fantastic story that Sean Bratches, who is my boss and conducts the Company at F1 informs, is when Liberty purchased the company [and] among his initial encounters was a dinner with Lewis Hamilton,” Arthofer hailed, quoted in a report by

“Lewis brought with him that lunch a heap of’cease and desist’ Letters from Bernie Ecclestone since Lewis took clips of his onboards and submitting them!

“And Lewis Hamilton, as I am sure the Majority of the audience understands, is The biggest star in this sport’s history and contains a crossover potential across civilization, music, lifestyle.

“Working together with all the drivers and the teams at a more collaborative manner To construct the game benefits not only Formula 1 are thought by us however our spouses, be broadcast partners the patrons and promoters.

“[It] is a really, very significant Part of the plan and Likely something we are still in the first phases of doing nicely.”

Arthofer underscored the significance of the electronic assets of F1 in the evolutive media globe of today.

“F1 as of January 2017 was a 66-year-old Company and a terrific Brand, assembled largely by Bernie Ecclestone as the proprietor and owner of this company for for 40-odd decades,” explained Arthofer.

“The Liberty thesis for purchasing F1 was best summed up in 3 regions. First it is a worldwide advantage, which is a chance and a challenge, surely, but I believe in a universe where expansion areas for most participants and players across the value chain is becoming a global proposal, the feeling has been that there was an untapped chance and it had been well-situated for the future of the enterprise.

“The next is that the rising value of live game in the Market And I believe that applies in a networking context, but in addition an experiential context.

“We race in 21 states, 21 grands prix and that I think the value that is Accruing in adventures in today’s market is increasing.

“The next element was to some level the Regions of attention that Bernie had. I believe he did an excellent job monetising the companies — it is a $2 billion dollar sales company — but didn’t invest for the future.

“He probably did not invest in areas like electronic, which are not Necessarily imaginative from a gain possible from the near-term, but possess possibility.

“There is an old joke which Bernie signals the back of cheques, maybe not the front. The company was lean we have invested and when we took Inside so as to construct long-term strength value.”


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