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Why diesel engines are not invested in bikes, know some interesting facts


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We all like to ride bikes and we use bikes many times throughout the day. All of us must have thought at some time that despite diesel being cheap, why the bike does not run on diesel instead of petrol. So let’s know about some of the reasons why diesel engines are not used in bikes.

1. Pressure capability

The diesel engine produces more energy so it has the ability to withstand more pressure. A diesel engine can withstand a pressure ratio of 24: 1 while a petrol engine can withstand a pressure of 11: 1. Diesel engines are made heavier to withstand more pressure, which is not at all suitable for a small vehicle such as a bike.

2. More vibration in the engine

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Due to the higher pressure ratio in diesel engines, the engine also has higher vibration and noise. It is not possible for a light vehicle to handle this high vibration and noise.

3. More price of diesel engine

Diesel engines are made heavier to bear more pressure, due to which they are more expensive to build. There is a difference of Rs 50,000 in the price of diesel engine and petrol engine vehicles, which is too much for a small vehicle.

4. More pollution

Diesel burns in the engine produce 13 percent more pollution than petrol. Therefore, overuse of diesel engine is harmful to the environment.

5. Spending More Maintenance

Diesel engines require more maintenance than petrol. Because of this, engine oil needs to be changed every 5,000 km in diesel engine and 10,000 km in the petrol engine.

6. Low RPM in Diesel Engine

Cars with diesel engines produce more torque but lower rpm than petrol engines. The bike cannot run at low rpm on the road, due to which they use the petrol engine only.

7. Big Engine

Diesel has the potential to generate more energy than petrol. When the diesel burns in the engine, the heat is so high that it can damage the cylinder and surface of the light engine. A larger engine is needed to reduce heat, which cannot be applied to a bike.

8. Use of turbocharger

A turbocharger or supercharger is used to send more air to a diesel engine. It is quite expensive to install which is out of reach for a bike.

9. Expensive Technology

Fuel injection technology is used in diesel vehicles which is much more expensive than the spark plug technology used in petrol engines.

10. Powerful Motor

The diesel engine is much larger than the petrol engine and a high-powered motor is used to start the engine, which cannot be mounted in a bike.

AutoFreak Thoughts 

Diesel and petrol engines have their own special features. Diesel engines are used only in large and overweight vehicles. Despite all these technical disparities, some manufacturers such as Royal Enfield have been successful in making diesel engine bikes and may be able to replace all petrol bikes after a few years.

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