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Zero Season 2 What Is The Release Date And When Can We Expect And All You Want To Know Storyline Show Return?

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Zero is anime about a dream world like you’ve ever noticed. As it premiered in 2016, it gained popularity. The fans had to wait four years to get any updates, while it was clear the series is going to be renewed for another season.

Zero Season 2

The show is based on the novel written by Tappei Nagatsuki. The story revolves around Natsuki. The first season ended with him finishing the witch cult and Sloth’s sin Archbishop. Season two of Zero will begin exactly where the last season ended.

Act 4 of the novel will be covered. Volume 10 to 15 shall be a part of this year. Echidna will be introduced to the viewers as Greed’s Witch. We will also be visiting the reunion of Roswaal and Emilia, who’s severely injured and is currently asking Subaru to undertake the Sanctuary’s Trials.


A trailer has not been published yet. White Fox studio did release a teaser although a year ago. The teaser provides us insight into the violent scenes along with the hero finding himself in between a heap of dead bodies just until he meets The Witch Of Greed.

Season 2 of Zero was likely to be published in April this year. Due to the pandemic and almost the entire world entering a lockdown, the creation was changed. White Fox Studio released a formal announcement talking about the delay of several episodes of Zero season 2, last month.

Don’t worry; it isn’t quite as bad as it sounds. The lovers do not need to wait for a good deal. The release is being postponed until July, which frankly is not that way.

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