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2020 Yamaha VMAX : Upcoming sports bike

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We always bring you the best of all and here we are again. And this time, we bring you the 2020 Yamaha VMAX. The VMAX is a performance bike with combined outputs of a cruiser and superbike. And as for style, Yamaha always fits in.

The VMAX is going to be the most iconic of all times and in 2020, it brings again the awesomeness with its arm stretching antics for the brave riders. But, despite all this, Yamaha is humble enough to keep it in the category of Sports Heritage, as the VMAX is quite retiring of its age.

The crossover features of VMAX
The superbike crossover has been decreed viewing the slipper clutch, wave brake discs, ABS and adjustable front and rear suspensions. The heart of 2020 Yamaha VMAX is a fuel injected, 65-degree four-valve per cylinder V4 engine that drives a power of more than 170 hp as claimed on papers, a displacement of 1679 cc and a torque of 100 pound-feet.

The bike refers also to the mass centralization through the aluminum chassis. And it is designed from both controlled fill die-cast and extrude aluminum to hold the engine low and forward for better optimization. The best for the drag strips and canyons are here.

It has been 12 years since a reboot for VMAX with completely new power production and 2020 Yamaha VMAX comes with no much of an update but the Raven Black. Pricing remains the same with Brembo master cylinders, the front being the radial-pump master and large 320 mm wave-style dual disc brakes matched with six pistons.

The VMAX also features a cartridge damper type fork for both, compression and rebound damping adjustability plus spring preload. And it has been covered for the best with oxidized titanium. A seamless power-band comes with four into one into two into four exhaust system and maintains the burly 2020 Yamaha VMAX appearance.

The VMAX also features an organic electroluminescent multi-function display which includes a clock, fuel meter, and trip-meter. Not to forget the essential stopwatch and much more.
So, go on with the four-gallon fuel tank hidden behind the seats and 5 shaft transmission to enjoy your big ride and cool show off.

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