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Aston Martin AMB 001 Sports bike and Super bike

The AMB 001 is a turbocharged track only bike. And it is the result of two iconic British automotive brands joining hands for the debut of the Aston Martin and Brough Superior bringing out AMB 001, the best superbike.

It is a limited edition, track-only thing. And the Both superior iconic have ventured together for the most expensive and exotic motorcycle.

Talking of the highlights, only 100 pieces is to build will be built at the Brough superior factory and the AMB 001 has equipped a turbocharged engine and is not road legal piece. The Aston Martin branding adorns the bike’s bodywork.

Design of Aston Martin AMB 001
The Aston Martin AMB 001 is a beast powered by the 180 bhp turbocharged version of the 997 cc 88-degree v twin powering the Brough superior. The turbocharger is a variable geometry thing with a 6-speed sequential manual transmission with a semi-dry crankcase.

Then we saw the CNC frame directly bolted to the engine as well as carbon fiber covering the forged aluminum wheels. There is a TFT dash site along with a carbon fiber fin that runs along the length of the bike. There’s a clear crystal visible Aston martin logo.

The limited edition
Also, the bike is 100 pieces limited edition and is a hand-assembled thing coming from Brough Superior factory in Toulouse, France. The giant beast will be arriving in the hands of customers by the end of 2020.

But it isn’t exactly affordable as the initial prices are high though exchange rates will be there. Talking of the design, the front suspension is a double-wishbone design machined out of billet aluminum and the rear subframe with titanium interfaces.

And the high speed is aided by features on the design like the winglets added to uplift the aided downforce at high speeds.
So, you can look out for a track-only thing if you got a racer in you as its not legal, and it’s no less cheap.
The affordability suits the limited edition range the company has thought upon. So, go for it as soon as it arrives as I can see a long queue starting to build up soon the day has been declared.


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