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Mercedes Formula 1 backs off the issue category FIA / Ferrari

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Mercedes has backed off his association with the alliance of teams. Who protested about the FIA’s clandestine deal with Ferrari over its 2019 Formula 1 engine, so Autosport has reported.

In the aftermath of the governing body of motor racing confirming it had signed a private deal. With Ferrari over allegations that its engine was illicit. So, all the teams not associated with the Italian automaker shared their frustration.

Red Bull, Mercedes, AlphaTauri, McLaren, Renault, Williams and Racing Point were all these outfits.

Seven Teams Stated:

We all released a joint statement condemning the decision of the FIA and indicated so we could go as far as court action to seek the answers they needed.

We hereby publicly state our mutual responsibility to seek absolute. And appropriate transparency in this matter. To ensure that all athletes handled fairly and equally in our sport. We’re doing it on behalf of Formula One clubs, partners and stakeholders.

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They later sent a strongly worded letter to FIA President Jean Todt asking a variety of questions. About the motives behind the decision to call off the Ferrari inquiry.

The FIA’s stance was that it prevented the opportunity for an expensive. And a disruptive court battle with Ferrari over the matter in negotiating a settlement. As it had no means to show beyond any doubt that Ferrari had cheated.

With the FIA holding firm on the matter and Todt sharing his own frustration at the blunt comments the teams had made in a return letter. So, it became unclear how the situation would develop.

But it is known that the seven teams had originally scheduled a joint press conference. For the season-opening Australian Grand Prix. As before being postponed due to the coronavirus case.

However, high-level sources have now confirmed that Mercedes has decided to step away from the matter and will not be a part of the potential action.

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