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Honda Activa 6G vs BS6 TVS Jupiter: Comparable requirements

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The Honda Activa 6G costs Rs 2,463 more than the regular BS6 TVS Jupiter, at an entry-level price of Rs 63,912.

Despite India’s inflow of new 125cc scooters, the highest-selling figures tend to come from the 110cc ones. The figures alone for the 110cc Activa are better than the figures for several 125cc models added together. While it enjoys quite a lead, Jupiter also follows with an amazing sales figure in the 110cc space. These scooters are now targeting the same market and now adhere to the BS6 pollution standards in their new avatars. Here’s how on-screen, they compare.


As with the Honda’s Activa 125 and SP 125, the Activa 6 G engine is an all-new thing. This has a different bore and stroke and is now using fuel injection rather than a carburetor. As for other BS6-compliant engines, power and torque have decreased–respectively by 0.17hp and 0.21Nm.

While the engine on the BS6 Jupiter did not change, it switched from carburetion to fuel injection and saw a small decrease in power. This now makes less than 0.5hp, though peak torque stays the same at 8.4Nm. This means the Honda Activa 6 G has a marginal edge in terms of peak power and torque over the BS6 Jupiter.

As with their kerb weights, both scooters are still very evenly balanced. With the Activa 6 G weighing only 2 kg less than the Jupiter at 107 kg. This gives the Activa 6 G a power-to-weight ratio of 72.8hp per tonne. As opposed to the 67.8hp per tonne for Jupiter.

Although Honda says that the Activa is now 10 percent more fuel-efficient, TVS reports that the BS6 Jupiter now offers fuel efficiency 15 percent more.

That said, today’s scooter consumer has changed. And is now comparing each specification. Sheer credibility is no longer enough and that’s why the Activa got what will potentially be the largest and most critical upgrade yet.

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